Pacific Coast Floral

Pacific Coast Floral Wholesale Ltd has been serving Florists in Western Canada since 1994. Located in Burnaby, British Columbia, we are a fresh cut flower wholesale florist.

We are located just one block away from North America's largest cut flower and plant auction. We sell and ship cut flowers and plants weekly and year round from our refrigerated facility to cities and towns in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the North West Territories.

Featured items


Philodendron Xanadu 60 cm (10 st)

Greenhouse cultivated Philodendron Xanadu

Chrysanthemum Disbud Avignon

Chrysanthemum Disbud Avignon (10 st)


Eucalyptus Cinerea (bunch)

Eucalyptus Cinerea (bunch)

Mini Cymbidium Asst Short Grade BC (case)

A seasonal variety of Assorted short grade Mini Cymbidiums 6-10 Blooms per stem