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Alstroemeria Asst BC (Bunch 25 st )

Locally grown British Columbia Alstroemeria sold by 25 stems.

Amaryllis Ambiance

Amaryllis Autumn Valley - Butterfly

Amaryllis Barbados


Amaryllis Bouquet

Amaryllis Britney

Amaryllis Casablanca

Amaryllis Challenger

Amaryllis Xmas Duo

Amaryllis CHRISTMAS Duo (30 st)

Amaryllis Costa Blanca

Amaryllis Costa Blanca

Amaryllis Dance Valley

Amaryllis Desire

Amaryllis Double White

Amaryllis Ferrari

Amaryllis Gervase

Amaryllis Gervase

Amaryllis Green Valley

Amaryllis Hercules

Amaryllis Mix 60 cm (10 bu of 3 st)

Amaryllis Mocca

Amaryllis Mont Blanc


Amaryllis Naranja

Amaryllis Rapido

Red Lion

Amaryllis Red Lion

Amaryllis Rilona

Royal velvet

Amaryllis Royal Velvet

Amaryllis Super Star


Amaryllis Tango - Spider


Amaryllis Tarantula - Spider

Assorted Gerbera (Box 50 st)

Assorted Germini (Box 60 st)


Assorted Germini Piccolini (Box 120 st)

Germini Pomponi Asst

Assorted Germini Pomponi (Box 60 st)

Germini Pomponi 6 Colour Assortment.

Carnation Lege Marrone

Carnation Fancy Lege Marrone (25 st)

Carnation Moonlight

Carnation Fancy Moonlight (25 st)

Carnation Red Magic

Carnation Fancy Red Magic (25 st)

Western Red Cedar

Cedar, Western Red (45 lb Case)

Fresh BC Western Red Cedar sold by a case of 15 - 3 lb bunches.
Order by Thursday 4 pm PST.

Mixed Case

Cedar/Pine/Fir MIX (45 lb Case)

Fresh BC Mixed Case of Cedar, Pine & Fir. Sold by a case of 15 - 3 lb bunches.
Order by Thursday 4 pm PST.

Chrysanthemum Disbud Asst BC (Pail 50 st)

Locally grown assorted Disbud Chrysanthemums

Chrys Disbud Magnum

Chrysanthemum Disbud Magnum BC (10 st)

Chrys Rosetta

Chrysanthemum Disbud Rosetta BC (10 st)

Chrys Disbud Snowdon

Chrysanthemum Disbud Snowdon BC (10 st)

Chrysanthemum Disbud Snowdon sold by a bunch of 10 stems.

Chrys Santini Doria Asst

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Asst (10 bu)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum Santini.

Chrys Doria Cherry

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Cherry (5 st)

Chrys Spray Asst

Chrysanthemum Spray Asst - Quiks (10 bu)

Quik's Farm grown Spray Chrysanthemums sold by a pail of 10 bunches

Chrys Spray Rabello

Chrysanthemum Spray Rebelo (5 st)

Locally grown Robelo Spray Chrysanthemums sold by a bunch of 5 st