Featured items

Asclepias Tuberosa IL (10 st)


Calla Odessa

Clematis Blue Pirouette

Clematis Blue Pirouette (20 st)

Cymbidium Asst Short Grade BC (case 10 st/6-8 bl)

BC Cymbidium Short Grade 6-8 Bloom.

Cymbidium Green Short Grade (case)

Seasonally available selection of the appropriate color

Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Baby Blue 250 gram (1 bu)

Baby Blue Eucalyptus harvested in the San Remo Valley

Eucalyptus Cinerea

Eucalyptus Cinerea 80 cm (10 st)

80 cm Eucalyptus Cinerea 10 st bunch

Gerbera Pastini Sienna

Gerbera Pastini Sienna

Germini Punki Judy

Germini Punki Judy (50 st)

Helleborus Queens Light Pink (20 st)

Helleborus Queens Red

Helleborus Queens Red (20 st)

Jatropha Firecracker 35 cm

Lily Asiatic Orange (10 st)

Lily Oriental Roselily Thalita 4+

Double Oriental Lily Thalita.

Lisianthus Rosita Rose Pink


Narcissus Tahiti

Narcissus Tahiti 50 cm

Ornithogalum Dubium Yellow

Ornithogalum Dubium Giant Yellow 55 cm (10 st)

Super grade Ornithogalum Dubium

Peony Sarah Bernhardt IL (10 st)

Peony Sarah Bernhardt. Israel.

Phormium Red

Phormium Red 100 cm (10 st)

Red Phormium from the San Remo Valley

Pitt Nigra

Pitt Silver Queen/Nigra 150 gram (1 bu)

Silver Queen Pitt or Nigra Pitt harvested in the San Remo Valley


Pittosporum Ralphi 400 gr (1 bu)

Pittosporum Ralphi Greown in the San Remo Valley

Pittosporum Variegated

Pittosporum Variegated (50 st)


Rose Cappuccino 40 cm KE


Scabiosa Blackberry Scoop IL

Spray Rose Shine

Spray Rose Shine BC (10 st)

Spray Rose Sterling Sensation BC (10 st)

Tulip - Double - Mix

Tulip - Fringe - Oviedo

Tulip Smirnoff

Tulip - Fringe - Smirnoff

Tulip - Parrot - Mysterious Parrot

Tulip 65 cm - Double - Gudoshnik

Tulip 65 cm - Parrot - Avignon Parrot

Veronica Smart Diana (50 st)