Featured items

Amaranthus Hot Biscuits

Amaranthus Hot Biscuits NL (Pail 20 st)

Anigozanthos Gold Fever

Anigozanthos (K-Paw) Gold Fever 80 cm (20 st)

Kangaroo Paw.

Assorted Gerbera (Box 50 st)

Assorted Germini (Box 60 st)


Assorted Germini Piccolini (Box 120 st)

Germini Pomponi Asst

Assorted Germini Pomponi (Box 60 st)

Germini Pomponi 6 Colour Assortment.

Astrantia Billion Stars

Astrantia Billion Stars White (50 st)

Astrantia Roma

Astrantia Roma Pink (50 st)

Astrantia Star of Love

Astrantia Star of Love Burgundy (50 st)

Bells of Ireland Premium (10 st)

Premium 80 cm Mollucella.

Boxwood (case 20 bu)

Locally harvested Boxwood sold by a case of 20 bunches.

Carnation Apple Tea

Carnation Fancy Apple Tea (25 st)

Carnation Lege Marrone

Carnation Fancy Lege Marrone (25 st)

Carnation Maruchi

Carnation Maruchi (20 st)


Chrysanthemum Disbud Asst BC (Pail 50 st)

Locally grown assorted Disbud Chrysanthemums

Chrys Santini Calimero

Chrysanthemum Santini Calimero Asst (10 bu)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum Santini.

Chrys Doria Peach

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Apricot (5 st)

Chrys Doria Cherry

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Cherry (5 st)

Chrys Doria Purple

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Purple (5 st)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum Doria.

Chrysanthemum Spray Asst Quiks Farm (10 bu)

Quiks farm grown Spray Chrysanthemums sold by a pail of 10 bunches

Chrys Spray Berry Sorbet

Chrysanthemum Spray Berry Sorbet (5 st)

Chrys Vanilla Sorbet

Chrysanthemum Spray Vanilla Sorbet (5 st)

Clematis Blue Pirouette

Clematis Blue Pirouette 60 cm TZ (Pail 20 st)


Cocculus (bu)

Cocculus - Approx 20 st per bu.


Cotton Stems 60 cm/6 bloom (5 st)

Cotton stems 6 bloom.


Cotton Stems 60 cm/6 bloom (Case 65 st)


Craspedia Large (10 st)


Green Trick

Dianthus Green Trick BC (10 st)

Eryngium Sirius

Eryngium Sirius 50 cm (30 st)

Rose Deniz

Garden Rose Deniz BC (24 st) Ships OPEN

Eurosa Farms; locally grown Garden Rose Deniz.
Please note that due to the fragile nature of open cut roses we cannot be held responsible for damage due to transport.

Gerbera Don Leo

Germini Carola

Germini Carola

Germini Pomponi Black Pearl

Germini Pomponi Black Pearl NL (50 st)


Grevillea (per bu)

Grevillea (per bu)

Helleborus Magnificent Bells

Helleborus Magnificent Bells BC (10 st)

Hydrangea Adora Dbl Pink BC (10 st)


Hydrangea Green/Pink

Hydrangea Green/Pink BC (10 st)


Hydrangea Light Pink

Hydrangea Light Pink BC (10 st)


Hydrangea Luxor Lavender

Hydrangea Luxor Dbl Lavender BC (10 st)


Hydrangea Mini Green SA (5 st)

Hydrangea Purple

Hydrangea Purple/Blurple BC (10 st)


Hydrangea Sky Blue BC (10 st)

Locally grown Sky Blue Hydrangea.

Hydrangea White

Hydrangea White BC (10 st)

BC Grown Hydrangea.

Hydrangea White Large (5 st)

Lagurus Natural

Lagurus Natural 60 cm/100 gr