Featured items


Alchemilla BC (50 st)

BC grown Alchemilla

Allium Purple Sensation

Allium Purple Sensation 70 cm/3 cm (10 st)

Alstroemeria Asst BC (Pail 25 st)

Locally grown British Columbia Alstroemeria sold by 25 stems.

Assorted Gerbera (Box 50 st)

Assorted Germini (Box 60 st)

Germini Pomponi Asst

Assorted Germini Pomponi (Box 60 st)

Germini Pomponi 6 Colour Assortment.

Astrantia Billion Stars

Astrantia Billion Stars White (50 st)

Astrantia Star of Love

Astrantia Star of Love Burgundy (50 st)

Chrys Disbud Magnum

Chrysanthemum Disbud Magnum BC (10 st)

Chrys Doria Peach

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Apricot (5 st)

Chrys Santini Doria Asst

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Asst (10 bu)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum Santini.

Chrys Doria Purple

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Purple (5 st)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum Doria.

Chrys Spray Berry Sorbet

Chrysanthemum Spray Berry Sorbet (5 st)

Chrys Spray Orange Sorbet

Chrysanthemum Spray Orange Sorbet (5 st)

Chrys Vanilla Sorbet

Chrysanthemum Spray Vanilla Sorbet (5 st)

Chrysanthemum Spray Zinta (5 st)

Locally grown Zinta Spray Chrysanthemums sold by a bunch of 5 st

Clematis Blue Pirouette

Clematis Blue Pirouette 60 cm TZ (10 st)


Cocculus (bu)

Cocculus - Approx 20 st per bu.


Cotton Stems 60 cm/6 bloom (5 st)

Cotton stems 6 bloom.


Cotton Stems 60 cm/6 bloom (Case 60 st)

Eryngium Magical Blue (10 st)

10 stems of Eryngium Magical Blue

Gerbera Julia

Germini Larissa

Lagurus Natural

Lagurus Natural 60 cm/100 gr

Leucadendron Safari Sunset

Leucadendron Safari Sunset (10 st)

Lily Oriental Sorbonne 3+ (10 st)

Locally grown Sorbonne Lilies sold per stem in multiples of 10 stems

Lisianthus Rosita Yellow

Lisianthus Rosita Yellow NL (10 st)


Mini Cymbidium Light Pink BC (stem)

Palm Sun Bleached

Palm Sun Bleached 50 cm/25 cm bl (10 st)

Panicum Fountain

Panicum Fountain 80 cm NL (50 st)

Passion Vine 125 cm NL (25 st)

Passion Vine 125 cm. Sold by a bunch of 25 stems.

Peony Coral Charm

Peony Coral Charm NL (10 st)

Peony Duchesse de Nemours

Peony Duchesse de Nemours NL (10 st)

Peony Sarah Bernhardt

Peony Sarah Bernhardt NL (10 st)

Pittosporum Variegated

Pittosporum Variegated (bu)


Plumosa Vacuum packed (bu)

Vacuum packed for freshness.

Rose Cappuccino

Rose Cappuccino 40 cm KE (20 st)

Rose Country Sun

Rose Country Sun 40 cm (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Country Sun Roses.

Rose Freedom 40 cm (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Freedom Roses.

Rose Matcha

Rose Matcha 40 cm (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Matcha Roses.

Ruscus Italian Bleached

Ruscus Bleached Italian 80 cm/100 g

Bleached Italian Ruscus 80 cm/100gram bunch.

Ruscus Israeli

Ruscus Israeli 60 cm (50 st)

60 cm Israeli Ruscus

Ruscus Italian 200 gr (1 bu)

Scabiosa Focal Scoop Candy

Scabiosa Focal Scoop Candy (10 st)

Scabiosa White

Scabiosa Focal Scoop White (10 st)