Featured items

Alstroemeria Nadia

Alstroemeria Red Premium (10 st)

Alsroemeria Virginia

Alstroemeria White Premium (10 st)

Anao Split Bleached (3st)

Bleached Anao Split (3 st)

Bells of Ireland Premium (10 st)

Premium 80 cm Mollucella.

Carnation Moonlight

Carnation Fancy Moonlight (25 st)

Cattleya Orchids White (4 blooms)

BC grown Cattleya Orchids sold by a box of 4 Blooms.

Chamaerops Bleached (3 st)

Bleached Chamaerops sold by bunches of 3 st

Chrys Spray Asst

Chrysanthemum Spray Asst MARKET PRICE (10 bu)

Market price Once our standing order is sold out. Quiks farm grown Spray Chrysanthemums sold by a pail of 10 bunches

Chrysanthemum Spray Chic (5 st)

Locally grown Chic Spray Chrysanthemums sold by a bunch of 5 st

Chrys Spray Oasis

Chrysanthemum Spray Oasis (5 st)

Locally grown Oasis Spray Chrysanthemums sold by a bunch of 5 st


Chrysanthemum Spray Zembla White BC (5 st)


Cotton Stems 60 cm/6 bloom (5 st)

Cotton stems 6 bloom.


Cotton Stems 80 cm/10 bloom (5 st)

Cotton stems 10 bloom.

Cotton Brown

Cotton Stems Natural Brown 80 cm/10 bloom (5 st)

Natural Brown Cotton Stems 10 bloom.

Curly Willow Tips BC

Locally harvested Curly Willow Tips sold by the bunch.

Cymbidium Asst (case 10 st/9+bl)

Cymbidium White (12+bl/stem)

12+ Blooms

Dianthus Amazon Cherry

Dianthus Amazon Cherry (10 st)

Eucalyptus Cinerea

Eucalyptus Cinerea 60 cm (50 st)

50 cm Eucalyptus Cinerea 50 st bunch

Eucalyptus Cinerea

Eucalyptus Cinerea 80 cm (10 st)

Eucalyptus Cinerea 10 st bunch

Moon Lagoon

Eucalyptus Moon Lagoon 60 cm (50 st)

Moon Lagoon

Gypsophila Cosmic Harmony

Gypsophila Large Bloom Heavy Grade 80 cm (25 st)

Heavy Weight, Large Bloom Gypsophila - COSMIC HARMONY - fresh & fluffy!

Helleborus Magnificent Bells

Helleborus Magnificent Bells BC (10 st)

BC Grown Helleborus Magnificent Bells.

Holly Variegated

Holly Variegated 50 cm (5 st)

Lily Asiatic Orange (10 st)

Lily Oriental Sorbonne 3+ (10 st)

Locally grown Sorbonne Lilies sold per stem in multiples of 10 stems

Lily Oriental White 3+ (10 st)

Locally grown White Oriental lilies 3+ blooms sold per stem in multiples of 10 stems

Mini Cymbidium Asst Short Grade (case)

A seasonal variety of Assorted short grade Mini Cymbidiums 6-10 Blooms per stem

Mini Cymbidium Elfin Beauty (case)

A seasonal variety of white Mini Cymbidium

Oregonia (bu)

Oregonia Bunched

Pieris Bonfire

Pieris Cupido (5 bu)

Locally cut Pieris Cupido sold by a pail of 5 bunches.

Rose Country Sun

Rose Country Sun 40 cm (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Country Sun Roses.

Italian Ruscus Bleached

Ruscus Bleached Italian (10 st)

Bleached Italian Ruscus

Ruscus Israeli

Ruscus Israeli 60 cm (50 st)

60 cm Israeli Ruscus

Skimmia Rubinetta Red (5 bu)

Locally cut Skimmia Rubineta Red sold in lots of either 5 or 10 bunches