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Alstroemeria Asst BC (25 st)

Locally grown British Columbia Alstroemeria sold by 25 stems.

Astilbe Europa

Astilbe Europa (Light Pink) BC (Pail 50 st)

Bells of Ireland Premium (10 st) 90 cm!

Premium 80 cm Mollucella.

Campanula Pink (10 st)

Campanula White (10 st)

Carnation Antigua

Carnation Fancy Antigua (25 st)

Carnation Fancy Caramel (25 st)

Carnation Fancy Farida (25 st)

Carnation Fancy Happy Gema (25 st)

Carnation Fancy Lege Pink (25 st)

Carnation Fancy Maruchi (25 st)

Carnation Fancy Mustard (25 st)

Carnation Fancy Novia (25 st)

Carnation Fancy White (25 st)

White Fancy Carnations

Chrysanthemum Disbud Asst BC (Pail 50 st)

Locally grown assorted Disbud Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum Disbud Champagne (10 st) H

Chrysanthemum Disbud Champagne

Chrysanthemum Disbud Linette (10 st)

Chrysanthemum Disbud Linette

Chrys Santini Doria Asst

Chrysanthemum Doria Asst BC (Pail 10 bu)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum

Chrys Santini Asst

Chrysanthemum Mini Santini Asst BC (Pail 12 bu)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum Mini Santini.

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Peach (5 st)

Chrys Doria Purple

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Purple BC (5 st)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum Doria.

Chrysanthemum Spray Asst BC (Pail 10 bu)

Chrys Spray Berry Sorbet

Chrysanthemum Spray Berry Sorbet BC (5 st)

Chrys Spray Pastella

Chrysanthemum Spray Pastella Light Pink BC (5 st)

Chrys Vanilla Sorbet

Chrysanthemum Spray Vanilla Sorbet BC (5 st)

Delphinium Hybrid Pacific Pink (10 st)

Delphinium Hybrid Pacific Pink

Dendrobium Dyed Blue (10 st)

Dendrobium White (10 st)

Dusty Miller SA (10 st)

Dusty Miller

Eryngium Blue Dynamite (10 st)

Eryngium Blue Dynamite SA

Eucalyptus Baby Regular (bu) TENDER TIPS

Baby Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Parvifolia (bu) TENDER TIPS

Parvifolia Euc

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar (bu) TENDER TIPS

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Hydrangea Purple

Hydrangea Blurple BC (Pail 20 st)


Hydrangea Mon Amour

Hydrangea Green/Red BC (Pail 20 st)

BC Grown Hydrangea.

Hydrangea Light Pink

Hydrangea Light Pink BC (Pail 20 st)


Leather Leaf Vacuum (case 25 bu)

Leather Leaf Vacuum Packed (10 st)

Lily Asiatic Orange BC (10 st)

Lily Oriental Sorbonne 3+ BC (10 st)

Locally grown Sorbonne Lilies sold per stem in multiples of 10 stems

Lily Oriental White 3+ BC (10 st)

Locally grown White Oriental lilies 3+ blooms sold per stem in multiples of 10 stems

Limonium Oshi Pink (10 st)

Limonium Oshi Pink

Lisianthus Assorted BC (Pail 50 st)

Locally Grown Lisianthus

Lisianthus Double Apricot (10 st) H

Lisianthus Apricot

Lisianthus Double Lavender (10 st) H

Lisianthus Double Misty Lavender