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Agapanthus Blue

Agapanthus Blue (10 st)

Alstroemeria Asst BC (25 st)

Locally grown British Columbia Alstroemeria sold by 25 stems.

Alstroemeria Cote d'Azur

Alstroemeria Cote D'Azur Premium (10 st)

Alstroemeria Rebecca

Alstroemeria Rebecca Premium (10 st)

Anao Split Bleached (3st)

Bleached Anao Split (3 st)

Assorted Gerbera (Box 50 st)

Assorted Germini (Box 60 st)


Assorted Germini Piccolini (Box 120 st)

Germini Pomponi Asst

Assorted Germini Pomponi (Box 60 st)

Germini Pomponi 6 Colour Assortment.

Astilbe Europa BC (Pail 50 st)

Bear Grass (case 40)

Locally harvested Bear Grass sold by the case

Bells of Ireland Premium (10 st)

Premium 80 cm Mollucella.

Boxwood (bunch)

Locally harvested Boxwood sold by the bunch.

Boxwood (case 20 bu)

Locally harvested Boxwood sold by a case of 20 bunches.


Bupleurum (10 st )

Bupleurum Rotundifolia.

Carnation Antigua

Carnation Fancy Antigua (25 st)

Carnation Apple Tea

Carnation Fancy Apple Tea (25 st)

Carnation Lege Marrone

Carnation Fancy Lege Marrone (25 st)

Carnations - Basic Colors Only (25 st - Specify Colour)

Color(s) may be specified in 'Notes'. Basic colors only.


Cattleya Orchids Purple (4 bloom box)

BC grown Cattleya Orchids Purple sold by a box of 4 Blooms.

Chrys Disbud Aljonka Salmon

Chrysanthemum Disbud Aljonka Salmon BC (10 st)

Chrysanthemum Disbud Asst BC (Pail 50 st)

Locally grown assorted Disbud Chrysanthemums

Chrys Santini Calimero

Chrysanthemum Santini Calimero Asst (10 bu)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum Santini.

Chrys Doria Peach

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Apricot (10 bu)

Chrys Santini Doria Asst

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Asst (10 bu)

Locally Grown Chrysanthemum Santini.

Chrys Santini Rossi Salmon

Chrysanthemum Santini Rossi Salmon (5 st)

Chrys Spray Viking

Chrysanthemum Santini Tedcha (5 st)

Chrys Santini Yin Yang

Chrysanthemum Santini Yin Yang (5 st)

Chrysanthemum Spray Asst Quiks Farm (10 bu)

Quiks farm grown Spray Chrysanthemums sold by a pail of 10 bunches

Chrys Spray Berry Sorbet

Chrysanthemum Spray Berry Sorbet (5 st)

Chrys Spray Champagne

Chrysanthemum Spray Champagne (10 bu)

Chrysanthemum Spray Feeling Green (5 st)

Locally grown Feeling Green Spray Chrysanthemums sold by a bunch of 5 st

Clematis Blue Pirouette

Clematis Blue Pirouette 60 cm TZ (10 st)

Cosmos Chocolate BC (Pail 70 st)

Cotton Brown

Cotton Stems Natural Brown 80 cm/10 bloom (5 st)

Natural Brown Cotton Stems 10 bloom.


Craspedia Large (10 st)


Cymbidium Asst NZ (case 8 st/12-16bl)

Cymbidium Asst Short Grade (case 10 st/6-8 bl)

BC Cymbidium Short Grade 6-8 Bloom.

Cymbidium Green NZ (12-16bl/stem)

Cymbidium Green NZ (case 8 st/12-16bl)

Cymbidium Pink NZ (12-16bl/stem)

Cymbidium Pink NZ (case 8 st/12-16bl)

Cymbidium Pink Short Grade (case)

Seasonally available variety selection of the appropriate colour

Cymbidium White NZ (12-16bl/stem)

Cymbidium White NZ (case 8 st/12-16bl)