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Agapanthus Blue BC (10 st)


Alchemilla BC (50 st)

BC grown Alchemilla

Alstroemeria Asst BC (Pail 25 st)

Locally grown British Columbia Alstroemeria sold by 25 stems.

Anao Split Bleached (3st)

Bleached Anao Split (3 st)

Anigozanthos Early Spring

Anigozanthos (K-Paw) Early Spring 80 cm (20 st)

Kangaroo Paw.

Anigozanthos Gold Fever

Anigozanthos (K-Paw) Gold Fever 80 cm (20 st)

Kangaroo Paw.

Assorted Gerbera (Box 50 st)

Assorted Germini (Box 60 st)


Assorted Germini Piccolini (Box 120 st)

Germini Pomponi Asst

Assorted Germini Pomponi (Box 60 st)

Germini Pomponi 6 Colour Assortment.

Astilbe Europa

Astilbe Europa (Light Pink) BC (Pail 50 st)

Astilbe Washington

Astilbe Washington (White) BC (Pail 50 st)

Astrantia Billion Stars

Astrantia Billion Stars White (50 st)

Astrantia Roma

Astrantia Roma Pink (50 st)

Astrantia Star of Love

Astrantia Star of Love Burgundy (50 st)