March 29, 2023

The Elegance of Peonies: A Perfect Choice for Cut Flowers

Peonies have long been admired for their beauty and fragrance, making them a popular choice for cut flowers. With their lush, ruffled petals and captivating scent, these blooms have been celebrated in both Eastern and Western cultures for centuries.

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March 27, 2023

Narcissus: A Timeless Beauty for Your Floral Arrangements

Narcissus, commonly known as daffodil, is a perennial flowering plant that has captivated gardeners and floral enthusiasts for centuries. Known for their vibrant colors and unmistakable trumpet-shaped corona, these flowers have become a symbol of spring, rebirth, and renewal.

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March 26, 2023

Tulips: A Celebration of Spring's Vibrant Colors

Tulips are the quintessential spring flower, adorning gardens and landscapes with their bright, cheerful colors. These perennial bulbous plants are members of the Liliaceae family and are native to Central Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

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October 15, 2022

Garden Roses

There are several varieties of Garden Roses grown, masterfully, around the world. We have the ability to source that special variety for you, as we specialize in making your event florals a reality!

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October 11, 2022


Amaryllis are cultivars of the genus Hippaestrum.These gorgeous flowers are cut from bulbous plants, open slowly, and last up to ten days in a vase. Also called the Belladonna Lily although they are a very distant relative to the true Lilium.

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January 1, 2019


Ranunculus is a genus of about 600 species of plants in the Ranunculaceae. In Late Latin Ranunculus means 'little frog' probably as many are found close to water. Ranunculus are also often referred to as Buttercups. They are a perennial plant with a tuberous root.

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