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Lagurus Bleached

Lagurus Bleached 60 cm/100 gr

Lagurus Natural

Lagurus Natural 60 cm/100 gr

Leather Leaf Vacuum (case 25 bu)

Leather Leaf Vacuum Packed (10 st)

Leucadendron Safari Sunset (10 st)

Lily Asiatic Orange (10 st)

Lily Asiatic Red (10 st)

Lily Asiatic White (10 st)

Lily Oriental Double White 3+ NL (10 st)

Large Stem Double White Oriental Lily 3+ Blooms.

Lily Oriental Sorbonne 3+ (10 st)

Locally grown Sorbonne Lilies sold per stem in multiples of 10 stems

Lily Oriental White 3+ (10 st)

Locally grown White Oriental lilies 3+ blooms sold per stem in multiples of 10 stems

Lisianthus Double Red Holland


Lisianthus Double White Holland


Lisianthus Roseanne Black Pearl Holland


Lisianthus Roseanne Deep Brown Holland