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Phalaenopsis Plants Potted

Locally Grown Phalaenopsis plants sold per plant in multiples of 4 plants.

Pittosporum Green

Pittosporum Green (50 st)

Pittosporum Green

Pittosporum Green (bu)

Pittosporum Variegated

Pittosporum Variegated (50 st)

Pittosporum Variegated

Pittosporum Variegated (bu)

Pitt Var Spray

Pittosporum Variegated SPRAY (10 st)

Spray Variegated Pitt


Plumosa (bu)


Poppies Fresh Assorted Super (25 st)

Assorted Poppies grown in the San Remo Valley.

Privet Berry (1 bu)

California harvested Privet Berry

Privet Berry

Privet Berry (bu)

California harvested Privet Berry sold by the bunch.

Protea Pincushion Tango (5 st)

Protea Pink Ice (5 st)