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Rose Quicksand

Rose Quicksand (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Quicksand Roses.

Rose Shimmer (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Shimmer Roses.

Rose Soul

Rose Soul (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Soul Roses.

Rose Tiffany

Rose Tiffany (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Tiffany Roses.

Rose Mondial

Rose White Mondial (25 st)

Premium 50 cm Mondial Roses.

Rose White O'Hara

Rose White O'Hara (25 st)

Premium 40 cm White O'Hara Roses.

Ruscus Israeli

Ruscus Israeli 60 cm (50 st)

60 cm Israeli Ruscus

Ruscus Italian 200 gr (1 bu)

Scabiosa Red Velvet Scoop

Scabiosa Focal Scoop Burgundy (10 st)

Skimmia Kew Green BC (5 bu)

Locally cut Skimmia Kew Green sold in lots of 5 bunches

Skimmia Rubinetta Red BC (5 bu)

Locally cut Skimmia Rubinetta Red sold in lots of 5 bunches.

Aster Golden Glory

Solidago Golden Glory Premium Grade (10 st)

Aster Golden Glory.

Spray Rose Snowflake (10 st) H


Stock Red (10 st)

Stock Red

Stock White (10 st)

Stock White

Strawflower White Pearl (10 st)

Strawflower Pearl White

Sunflower Mini (10 st)

Vincent's Choice mini Sunflowers