Featured items

Chrys Vanilla Sorbet

Chrysanthemum Spray Vanilla Sorbet (5 st)


Chrysanthemum Spray Zembla White BC (5 st)

Clematis Blue Pirouette

Clematis Blue Pirouette 60 cm TZ (Pail 20 st)


Cotton Stems 65 cm/6 bloom (5 st)

Cotton stems 6 bloom


Cotton Stems 65 cm/7 bloom (Case 35 st)


Cotton Stems 80 cm/10 bloom (5 st)

Cotton stems 10 bloom.

Cymbidium Asst Short Grade BC (case 10 st/6-8 bl)

BC Cymbidium Short Grade 6-8 Bloom.

Cymbidium Dark Green BC (1 st/9-11 bl)

Cymbidium White BC (case 8 st/9-11bl)

Delphinium Sea Waltz

Delphinium Sea Waltz (10 st)

Bella Donna Group

Dianthus Green Trick 60 cm

Dogwood Red

Dogwood Red Medium 4' (per bu)

Medium Red Dogwood.

Freesia Double White NL (50 st)

Gerbera Red/Black Eye NL (50 st)

Gerbera White/Black Eye NL (50 st)

Germini Red

Germini Red/Black Eye NL (60 st)

Germini White/Black Eye NL (60 st)

Helleborus Magnificent Bells

Helleborus Magnificent Bells NL

Hyacinth Mix NL (25 st)

Hyacinth White NL (25 st)

Hydrangea Mini Green

Hydrangea Mini Green (25 st)


Ilex Red BC 80 cm (10 st)

Locally harvested Ilex

Lily Asiatic Orange (10 st)

Lily Asiatic Red (10 st)

Lily Asiatic White (10 st)

Lily Oriental Double White 3+ NL (10 st)

Large Stem Double White Oriental Lily 3+ Blooms.

Lily Oriental Sorbonne 3+ (10 st)

Locally grown Sorbonne Lilies sold per stem in multiples of 10 stems

Lily Oriental White 3+ (10 st)

Locally grown White Oriental lilies 3+ blooms sold per stem in multiples of 10 stems

Lisianthus Double Red Holland


Lisianthus Double White Holland


Lisianthus Roseanne Black Pearl Holland


Lisianthus Roseanne Deep Brown Holland


Magnolia (bu)

Mini Cymbidium Asst Short Grade BC (case)

Mini Cymbidium Elfin Beauty BC (case)

Moss Dry

Moss Bagged - DRY

DRY Sphagnum Moss sold by the bag.

Oregonia (bu)

Ornithogalum Thyrsoides 60 cm

Sugar Cone

Pine Cones, Alpine Giant/ Sugar - Medium (case of 14)

Medium Sugar cones

Pondersa Cones

Pine Cones, Ponderosa (Bag 100 - Mixed)

Ponderosa Pine Cones sold by a bag of 100. Mixed sizes 3"-5".

Rose Ascot

Rose Ascot 40 cm (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Ascot Roses.

Rose Deep Purple

Rose Deep Purple 40 cm (25 st)

Rose Free Spirit

Rose Free Spirit 40 cm (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Free Spirit Roses.

Rose Freedom 50 cm (25 st)

Rose Frutetto

Rose Frutetto 40 cm (25 st)

Premium 40 cm Frutetto Roses.