Tropical Orchids & Foliage

A selection of Tropical Orchids & Foliage from Thailand and Malaysia. Orders due by Wednesday at 4 pm PST for shipping Monday.

Calathea Peacock (10 st)

Cordyline Tips Hawaii Flag (3 st)

Cordyline Tips Red (3 st)

Cycas Palm (5 st)

Dendrobium Black Beauty (10 st)

Dendrobium Black Bird (10 st)

Dendrobium Bon Red (10 st)

Dendrobium Caesar (10 st)

Dendrobium Champagne (10 st)

Dendrobium Chanel (10 st)

Dendrobium Dyed Blue (10 st)

Dendrobium Dyed Red (10 st)

Dendrobium Jade Green (10 st)

Dendrobium Lemon Green (10 st)

Dendrobium White (10 st)

Dracaena Florida Beauty (10 st)

Dracaena Godseffiana (10 st)

Dracaena Sanderiana (10 st)

Mokara Blue Rain XXL (5 st)

Mokara Calypso Pink XXL (5 st)

Mokara Chitti Purple XXL (5 st)

Mokara CK Blue XXL (5 st)

Mokara CK Orange XXL (5 st)

Mokara CK Pink XXL (5 st)

Mokara CP Blue XXL (5 st)

Mokara CP Gold XXL (5 st)

Mokara CP Red XXL (5 st)

Mokara Gold Nugget XXL (5 st)

Mokara Panny Gold XXL (5 st)

Mokara Ruby Red Hassan XXL (5 st)

Mokara Singa Gold XXL (5 st)

Mokara Super Orange XXL (5 st)

Mokara Vigor Gold XXL (5 st)

Money Leaf - Large (10 st)

Money Leaf - Medium (10 st)

Money Leaf - Small (10 st)

Monstera Medium (10 st)

Oncidium Golden Shower (10 st)

Philodendron Xanadu (10 st)

Renaissance Leaf (5 st)

Rhapis Palm (10 st)

Tropical Foliage Bouquet (bu)

Yellow Palm (10 st)