Valentine's Day 2019 Cased Greens

Florida Greens cut off is Jan 23rd.
All Cased Greens and Phalaenopsis Plants will ship Feb 4th.

Aspidistra 60 cm (case 300 st)

60 cm Green Aspidistra packed 300 st per box

Bear Grass (case 40 bu)

Locally harvested Bear Grass sold by a case of 40 bunches

Boxwood (case 20 bu)

Locally harvested Boxwood sold by a case of 20 bunches.

Leather Leaf Vacuum Packed (case 25 bu)

25 bu of fresh lock leather

Madrona (pail of 5 bu)

Locally harvested Madrona sold by a pail of 5 bunches.

Moss Bagged

Locally harvested sphagnum moss sold by the bag.

Phalaenopsis Plants Potted

Locally Grown Phalaenopsis plants sold per plant in multiples of 4 plants.

Philodendron Xanadu 60 cm

Philodendron Xanadu 60 cm (200 st)

200 st of 60 cm Philodendron Xanadu

Pittosporum Green (case 25 bu)

Florida Green Pitt packed 25 bu per case

Pittosporum Variegated (case 25 bu)

Variegated Florida Pitt packed 25 bu per case

Ruscus Israeli 60 cm (case 300 st)

Israeli Ruscus sold by a case of 30 bunches (300 stems).

Italian Ruscus

Ruscus Italian 10 st bu (20 bu)

200 stems of 70-80 cm Italian Ruscus bunched in 10 stems

Salal (case 20 bu)

Locally harvested Salal sold by a case of 20 bunches.

Tree Fern (case 15 bu)

Tree fern sold by a case of 15 bu