Valentine's Day 2019

Valentine's Flowers & Foliage 2019.
Orders will ship Thursday, February 7th.
Category will close Wednesday, January 30th at 4 pm PST.

Mini Cymbidium Green (case)

A seasonal variety of Green Mini Cymbidium

Mini Cymbidium Orange (case)

A seasonal variety of Orange Mini Cymbidium

Mini Cymbidium Pink (case)

A seasonal variety of Pink Mini Cymbidium

Mini Cymbidium White (case)

A seasonal variety of white Mini Cymbidium

Mini Cymbidium Yellow (case)

A seasonal variety of Yellow Mini Cymbidium

Moss Bagged

Locally harvested sphagnum moss sold by the bag.

Myrtle Tall (bu)

Pittosporum Green (bu)

Pittosporum Variegated (bu)

Protea Pink Ice (5 st)

Rose Circus 60 cm

Rose Free Spirit 60 cm

Rose Green 60 cm

Lemonade, Green Tea

Rose Hot Pink 60 cm

Hot Lady, Cherry O, Pink Floyd, Purple Cezanne

Rose Lavender 60 cm

Cool Water, Deep Purple, Ocean Song

Rose Light Pink 60 cm

La Perla, Senorita

Rose Orange 60 cm

Orange Unique, Orange Crush

Rose Peach 60 cm

Tiffany, Fado, Peach Aubade, Carpe Diem

Rose Pink 60 cm

Sweet Akito, Sweet Escimo

Rose Quicksand 60 cm

Rose Red 60 cm

Freedom, Forever Young, Explorer

Rose Vendela 60 cm

Rose White 60 cm

Akito, Escimo, Polar Star, Inocencia, Mondial

Rose Yellow 60 cm

Tara, Gold Strike, Good Times, Hummer, Brighton

Ruscus Israeli (50 st)

Ruscus Italian (bu)

Salal (bu)

Locally harvested Salal sold by the bunch.

Snapdragons (10 st)

Various colours available.

Solidago (10 st)

Song of India (10 st)

Spray Rose Hot Pink (10 st)

Hot pink Spray roses sold by a bunch of 10 stems

Spray Rose Red (10 st)

Red Spray roses sold by a bunch of 10 stems

Spray Rose White (10 st)

White Spray roses sold by a bunch of 10 stems

Spray Rose Yellow (10 st)

Statice Blue (bunch)

Stock Asst (10 st)

Purple, Lavender, Pink, Hot Pink, Apricot or White.

Sunflower Gold (5 st)

Tropical Foliage Bouquet (bu)

Tulip - Double - Mix NL (50 st)


Tulip Asst BC (case 150 st)

Assorted BC grown Tulips sold by a lot of 150 stems (30 bunches of 5 stems each).

Veronica Blue (50 st)


Veronica Pink (50 st)


Veronica White (50 st)


Viburnum Roseum 3+ bl (10 st)

Locally grown 3 bloom Viburnum Roseum sold by a bunch of 10 stems

Waxflower Pink (bu)